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Welcome to MCEC - Palmers Green Mosque, Muslim Community & Education Centre

Latest Information

The Nature of God – Jumma Khutbah – 19th September 2014

Last Updated on September 21, 2014


Shaykh Hasan Ali discusses some of the big philosophical questions that are associated with Islam and religion as a whole.

Udhiyyah/Qurbani 2014

Last Updated on September 15, 2014

Udhiyyah/QURBANI Prices for 2014 Dhbah done in villages.


Country              Lamb/Goat       1/7 of a Cow

Bangladesh        £65                         £30

Burma                  —                           £55

India                     £70                        £22

Pakistan               £125                       £60

Ask for envelope at reception and please give your name and the country for Qurbani with payment to the office.  Jazakallah.

MCEC are also partnering with Islamic Help in countries where we are unable to facilitate directly. Please see below the final prices for this Udhiyyah/Qurbani Project 2014. The notes given below are for information purposes, if you need any more information please let us know.


Canned Qurban             For GAZA & SYRIA ( Jordan/ Lebanon)

UK Price (£)    100

Animal Type    Lamb/Goat/Sheep


Live in-Country Qurbani               Price inc. Admin, Dhbah and Handling (£)           

Country                                Lamb/Sheep or Goat      1/7th of Cattle  1/7th of Camel 

Bosnia                                  160                                         180

CAR refugees                      60                                           40

Gaza, Palestine                  325                                         310

Iraq                                          225                                         170

Philippine                             85                                           75

Syria                                        180                                         270                         340

Somalia                                 55                                           30                           95

Tanzania                               55                                           45

Most Needy Area               110                                         55                           120


Notes (General):                                                             

1.            Qurbanis for Pakistan and India can be received until Eid day.

2.            For all other countries, we do not accept any donation after 5pm, 2 days before Eid ul Adha.

3.            Admin, Dhbah and HandlingCost is approximately 10% and included in the price.

4.            All sacrifices will be performed within the days of Eid Ul Adha in the beneficiary country and according to the Sunnah of Prophet (SA).

5.            Qurbanis animals are bought locally and fresh meat is distributed among most needy.

6.            Cattle can be Cow, Bullock or Buffalo depending upon the availability and local laws.

(Canned Qurban):

1.            Each animal will be between 18 to 20 KG. Qurbani yield of Corned Mutton will be approximately 16-17 CANS of 425g each. (Each CAN will have a shelf life of 3 years.)

2.            Sacrifices will be performed in Australia, New Zealand or Brazil within the days of Eid ul Adha and according to the Sunnah of Prophet (SA).

3.            Delivery to beneficiaries in Gaza & Syria will be between 18 to 24 weeks.

Jolly Mumins recommences Monday 15th September

Last Updated on September 15, 2014

We’re starting at 10am as usual! See you all then insha’Allah!

Striving for Change – Jumma Khutbah – 12th September 2014

Last Updated on September 14, 2014


Imam Ajmal Masroor askes to think about whether we are doing enough to change the world around us for the better

What is the meaning of submission? – Jumma Khutbah – 5th September 2014

Last Updated on September 7, 2014


What does it really mean to submit to Allah? Shaykh Mahmoud Attiya discusses the the concept of submission in Islam using the stories of the Prophets. A particularly improtant topic as many of us may be performing the Hajj pilgirmage soon.