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MCEC, 30 Oakthorpe Road
Palmers Green, London
N13 5JL, United Kingdom

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Welcome to MCEC - Palmers Green Mosque, Muslim Community & Education Centre

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Boy’s Youth night : Friday 31 March, 7:30pm

Last Updated on March 26, 2017

If you’re between 15 & 25 come join us for a Boys youth night Friday 31st March from 7:30pm. 

MCEC statement on London attack on 22 March 2017

Last Updated on March 23, 2017

Our home city of London has suffered a hideous attack. A palpable sense of anger and outrage runs through us all as well as heartbreak for the victims and their families.

Yesterday afternoon’s attack on both Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament is an attack on what MCEC-Palmers Green Mosque and the people of this nation hold dear: freedom, peace and the ability to live our daily lives without fear. Our way of life is enshrined in the decisions made by our elected representatives who today came under attack; thereby we all came under attack.

The perpetrators of this attack have one objective: divide and stoke fear. Their myth of ‘Them and Us’ is exactly that, a myth. Of one thing we are certain, there was nothing holy or righteous about these actions and anyone who thinks so is misguided and wrong.

All of us have a collective responsibility for identifying and notifying the appropriate authorities of individuals who attack and kill innocents for whatever cause. People who carry out such attacks are an abomination to all of humanity and must be dealt with swiftly and appropriately.

We are grateful for the way our emergency services keep us all safe and continue to do so in difficult circumstances. We stand together strong and united.

Our prayers are with the departed and those they left behind and with the first responders who helped without care for their own safety. In that action alone we see what makes us human: the need to help others and to support goodness over the evil. Today our actions of good over evil start with our oft repeated but very clear message:

“We will not let the terrorists win by dividing us.”

#wearenotafraid #notinourname #unitedagainstterrorism #westminster


Board of Trustees

MCEC – Palmers Green Mosque


23 March 2017

(pdf version of this statement)


Loving our neighbours: Scouts visit Palmers Green Mosque 

Last Updated on March 9, 2017

The world we know unfortunately has been testing to say the least. In recent days we are being judged more and more by our race, religion, culture and social status. Neighborhood, communities are been divided and weaken by allowing Hate to flourish and having a platform for it to breed.

The world is forgetting the need for good neighbours near and far!

As an Muslim youth group, Green Stars based at Palmers Green Mosque understands the importance of neighbours and it is essential part in the community . Whether it is a neighbour on the street, our neighbour in our community – local or international -we have a strong responsibility towards them – to treat them kindly and serve them ‘generously!’

That is why we were so honored to invite our local scout neighbours from 6th Southgate to join us on our Monday sessions and be part of our activities. Our members ran activities that gave our neighbours an understanding of the Islamic faith which was both fun and educational.

The group took part in a fun Photobooth activity where they got to try on traditional Islamic clothing and capture memories in our Photobooth. The other activity taught the group about Arabic writing, where they got to paint their names in Arabic on tiles. They invited to see how we pray and see how the mosque functions.

These events are so important to remind the world that we can be united and that Hate can never win when there is opportunities for peace and hope!

“No slave of Allah has true faith unless he likes for his neighbour what he likes for himself”

#neighbours #love #greenstars #next #mondaysessions #scout #unity