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Welcome to MCEC - Palmers Green Mosque, Muslim Community & Education Centre

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The Character of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) – Jumma Khutbah – 20th November 2015

Last Updated on November 22, 2015


Shaykh Hasan Ali discusses the lessons we can learn from the character of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)

Nurturing the Potential of Children – Jumma Khutbah – 13th November 2015

Last Updated on November 15, 2015


Imam Ajmal Masroor speaks on the importance of nurturing the potential of our children through education good ethical values.

MCEC Statement on the events in Paris on 13 November 2015

Last Updated on November 14, 2015

Last night’s attacks in Paris highlight again that extremism is tarnishing not only faith communities but also working to divide the peace-loving society we live in.

The cries of the innocents as they went about their daily business ring in our ears and our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.

At times like these we see the worst in humanity, but also the best of humanity. We look at the Emergency Services and those members of the public who quickly moved to help and save their fellow human beings and we should realise that within them is the humanity and love we ALL aspire to. We pray that they all return safely to their families.

MCEC calls on all communities to stand firm and united in saying there is no place for extremism or violence in any faith. Whether you are praying in a house of worship in ‪Nigeria, having a coffee in ‪‎Lebanon, laying on the beach in ‪Tunisia, visiting a hospital in ‪Afghanistan, or watching a football match in Paris, it seems that no one is safe from these acts of senseless violence. Faith is never a reason for violence.

This attack is an attack on mankind. An attack on all of us – Parisians, Non-Parisians, Muslims, Christian, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, people of faith and of no faith. Our duty is to stand united and send a clear message: “We will not let the terrorists win by dividing us.”

We stand with you Paris.

#notinourname #unitedagainstterrorism

Board of Trustees
MCEC – Palmers Green Mosque
14 November 2015

Link to PDF Version of this Statement

Monthly Talk: What does Islam say about War? 29 Nov 2015, 2pm

Last Updated on November 10, 2015

You are invited to a special talk by Muhammad Ibrahim (Head of Religious Education at Southgate School, Speaker at The Islamic Circle)

Sunday 29th November 2015 at 2pm

The talk will cover:

– Understanding the Islamic Principles of War

– How ‘Islamic’ are current conflicts?

– A comparison of the ethics of war within Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

All are welcome and refreshments will be provided.




The Journey of Hijra – Jumma Khutbah – 30th October 2015

Last Updated on November 1, 2015


Shaykh Salah Al-Ansari discusses the journey of Hijra, its meaning and what we can learn from it.