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Saturday & Evening School

Islamic classes for children

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School information

Classes are held on Saturday mornings or Tuesday & Wednesday Evenings for children between the ages of 6 and 15.

Thre subjects are taught: Qur'anic Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Contact Information

School Administrator
Muslim Community and Education Centre
30 Oakthorpe Road
Palmers Green
N13 5JL


Phone: 020 89203990
SMS/Text: 07506808600

Application Forms for Admissions can be obtained here. Please return to the centre during term time on Saturdays between 0930 and 1000. You will be issued a receipt which indicates acceptance of the form, NOT acceptance of the child into the school.

Please note that submission of this form does not constitute acceptance of your child's place by MCEC. Please contact us to confirm any admissions.

The minimum age for application to the Evening school is 6 Years old with Entry occuring in the September after the child is 7 years old.

The minimum age for application to the Saturday school is 5 years old with entry occuring in the September after the child is 6 years old.

The cutoff date for age criteria is 31 August of the year of entry, i.e. a child for the Saturday school must be 6 by 1st September of the year of entry and a child for th evening school must be 7 by 1st September of the year of entry.


Qur'anic Studies

This follows a structure of books developed by MCEC. Memorisation is also part of the syllabus and the following recordings can be downloaded to aid memorisation. Each track has gaps for you to repeat after you listen.




Surah Fatihah
Surah Naas
Surah Falaq
Surah Ikhlas Download
Surah Masad Download
Surah Nasr Download
Surah Kafirun Download
Surah Kawthar Download
Surah Ma'un Download
Surah Quraish Download
Surah Fil Download
Surah Humaza
Surah Al Asr 3
Surah Takathur
Surah Al Qari'ah
Surah Al Adiyat
Surah Zalzalah
Surah Bayyinah


This subject follows the Gateway to Arabic series of books.

Islamic Studies

Click here to download the syllabus. We are proud to have been able to build this syllabus based on real world experiences of teachers, students and guidance from our team of Islamic Scholars.

To enquire about enrolling your child to the class, please complete the form on the right.



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