Solar (PV) Panels being installed

If we as Muslims are to act as Allah’s representatives on Earth, we have a clear responsibility to look after and maintain this creation of His.

MCEC is proud to be taking steps to reduce our footprint on the environment. As we slowly move to a more ‘Greened-up’ Masjid for the future, we’re pleased to announce that installation has started on the roof-top of Muslim Community & Education Centre of a 15KWp Photovoltaic module (SOLAR Energy) system. As part of the UK Green Mosque Agenda, Inha’Allah MCEC has taken this major step in respecting our Environment and Climate for which Allah swt has chosen Mankind to be the custodians on the Earth.


“You could have seen the [light of the] sun as it rose moving to the right of their cave, and when it set, moving away to the left of them, while they lay in the wide space inside the cave. (This is one of God’s signs: those people God guides are rightly guided but you will find no protector to lead to the right path those He leaves to stray.

You would have thought they were awake, though they lay asleep. We turned them over, to their right and the left, with their dog stretching out its forelegs at the entrance. If you had seen them, you would have turned and run away, filled with fear of them.”

(Surah Kahf, Verses 17-18)

The Qur’an clearly talks of how the Sun is the source of causing the movements of the dwellers of the cave. The Sun acted as a God given blessing for those dwellers of the cave whom God was protecting and similarly it is a blessing to us today.


It is estimated that 20 per cent of London’s electricity could be supplied by solar power. We are spending over £6800 per year on Electricity costs alone so this should insha’Allah help towards reducing that cost.

Helping us along through this project are Control Electrical Engineers Ltd and  South Facing Ltd, both local companies who have provided us invaluable advice on this major project.
If you want to donate to similar projects aimed at ‘Greening up’ the centre feel free to get in touch at [email protected]


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