Greenstars: Sports Day 17 July 2017

Our last session of the term ended with a fun filled sports day where the members participated in a range of activities. The whole event was a huge success in which the members were split into groups according to their age.


An enjoyable version of Tic Tac Toe was played using bean bags and an obstacle course allowing the children to bring out their competitive side. The favourite was the tug of war and the epic dodge ball tournament where the children enjoyed using water balloons to cool off.

The event was made extra special at the end when all the volunteers took part in a large tug of war and the children took the opportunity to throw all the water balloons on the adults. Overall, the sports day was great as once the activities began, it was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement from all the children. It was great to see the competitivity and teamwork throughout the evening and a fantastic way to end the term.

By Nazia Islam- Young Leader

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