Review:Green Stars Summer Camp

Green Stars had its first official summer Camp last week, where children had the opportunity to engage in various creative, educational and most of all fun activities!

The Summer Camp was lots and lots and lots of fun. My favourite part was when we played Copliue Le Fig which stands for Capture the Flag!! The best part of it was we got to use water as weapons- I got soaked! On the last day we did a really fun activity, so basically you had to make clothes and cover one of your members with newspaper. They made me look like a robot and could barely move, everyone found it funny’
-Maryam, 7

‘The Summer Camp was fantastic! We had a kick boxers who came in, we done the best well that’s what the kick boxers said. Hana taught us to jab and Leo to punch than duck- than we had a nice cool down. It was also fun when MyBnk came they help young kids to manage their money, now I think I know how I am going to save for a phone. I feel better than usual as I made new friends.’
– Aryan, 9

The Camp was heavily supported by our Young Leaders. Young Leaders are ex-members of the Green Stars junior club who are now developing skills and growing as individuals. Their commitment and contribution to making sure the programme was successful was admirable!

If you’re interested in being a Young Leader or volunteering with Green Stars, please contact our Youth Services Coordinator Mehera;
email: [email protected] Phone: 07947881696

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