Marriage Match event: Sunday 1st October 2017, various times 2

This month we will have sessions run by age group at the following times on Sunday 1st October insha’Allah:
Group [email protected] 1:45pm: 20 – 35 years old
Group [email protected] 4:30 pm: 30 years and over
Join us with a ‘mehram’ (i.e. a parent, guardian, brother or sister) to meet with like-minded potential marriage partners, in a secure and monitored environment.

Our events are designed to give you the opportunity to meet with prospective marriage partners in an informal, halal setting.

The groups will be strictly by age group, so please come at the right time to avoid disappointment.

Entrance fee: £5 per applicant

Enquiries: [email protected]



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2 thoughts on “Marriage Match event: Sunday 1st October 2017, various times


    Today i attended as Mahram with my wife.
    2 ladies who were introducing in my opinion were not suitable & not making efforts as many girls were shy.
    It looked like they were conducting a class ? telling them you have 2-3 mins ??? what can you talk in 2-3 mins ?
    I attended 2 previous marriage event, they were giving personal attention to candidates,especially to girls.Boys are some time shy.
    You need some one to break the barrier to give confidence.
    remember, they are strangers and are nervous !