First weekend of Outreach: It was a cold one!

Last Saturday (25th November) we ventured out with our partner Hands International on the first night of delivering

flu jabs for the homeless in London. It just so happened that the mercury plummeted that night to just above freezing and the drive into Lincoln’s Inn Fields took longer than any of us wanted.

For those who don’t know, Lincoln’s Inn Fields on most evenings is a location for the distribution of food for rough sleepers with several charities (and private individuals) distributing food. As we turned up, it was apparent that the crowd was good in number and the hot food donated by 222 Kitchen in Palmers Green was quickly handed out.

As people were eating, our volunteer medics wandered through the crowd informing people they had the option for a quick checkup and getting the flu jab and despite turning up late, we had a few people taking up the offer of a flu jab and a quick checkup. It was great to also meet John who has been living on and off the streets over the last 30 years.

For the first night with no pre-announcement, we were pleased and we are sure word will spread! Tonight there is a large donation of food being distributed and again our medics are down there ready to look after people who easily fall out of the system with no recourse to medical attention and we are expecting more people dropping in for a checkup and their flu jabs.

Rounding off the night in our warm beds, spending 3 hours in the cold was a stark reminder that these people are rapidly becoming invisible and need all the help we can give.

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