Rohingya Fundraiser: What a night!

Alhamdulillah for what turned out to be an amazing night! Sunday 7th of January turned into a wonderful evening highlighting the generous spirit of our community here in North London.

The first fundraiser held by MCEC was organised by a small team of volunteers who worked hard to get the people through the door and all logistics covered. As all things with our community, a lot of people bought tickets on the day of the event and that in itself was a worry, but by around lunchtime, we were confident we would have enough people in.

Br Tariq Sediq, CEO of Palmers Green Mosque

The evening started with our dear CEO Tariq Sediq with a beautiful recitation and translation before handing over to the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Imam Ajmal Masroor.

The first to speak was  Dr. Husna Ahmad on behalf of Global One, who have been our partners on the ground with the relief effort, and are now embarking on an ambitious project to put together medical clinics aimed at women and their health.


Imam Ajmal continued afterward and introduced the first round of entertainment from Mistah Islah (of Youtube fame) and this was followed up by a moving account by Saqibah Sheikh on what she saw when she went to oversee the first round of relief delivered on MCEC’s behalf. The pin-drop silence in the hall was testament to the sheer horror and emotion of what is actually happening in the camps was brought to life with the story of Yusuf the pharmacist. A man who had it all, a business, a home, a beautiful young family and overnight they were running for their lives with a baby of only a few hours old.

With Imam Ajmal then continuing the fundraising effort, Alhamdulillah we received pledges of over £125000 pounds on the night. This was an astounding figure for us all and it has truly blown us away that our community has been able to raise this much for such a worthy cause.

We finished the evening off with auctions of beautiful calligraphy by Br Hafeez Khadeer who flew over from Texas to support us. Also auctioned off were football memorabilia including signed football shirts.

Alhamdulillah, of the £125000 pledged, we have received £90000 and are working to put it to good use so the money is not wasted and is used in a sustainable way. We will update you soon on how that entire put of money is being spent.

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