Monthly Lecture: Know Your Lord – July 8th after Zuhr

Do you wonder sometimes, “Who is God? What are his qualities? What do they mean to us?”

Join Ustadh Abid Khan as we explore these topics and become more acquainted with God.

Ustadh Abid Khan has been studying the Islamic sciences for over 10 years. He has studied under many notable scholars from Makkah, Madinah and the UK. He has an ijazah in hadith and Quran recitation from a number of scholars including Shaykh Ahmad Muhammad ‘Amir al-Azhari, Shaykh Dr Ahmad Tahir Awais Somali and Shaykh ‘Ali Khallufi from Morrocco. He has also graduated from the Al-Salam Institute Islamic Scholarship Programme and was awarded his shahada al-‘alimiyya (Licence in Islamic Scholarship) under the supervision of Shaykh Akram Nadwi. He graduated in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Physics (Hons.) and went on to specialise in his Masters in Biomaterials and Stem Cell research at University College London, graduating in July 2011. He is currently working as a consultant at First Ethical and is also an Imam at Masjid Noor in Harrow, London.

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