BIMA Lifesavers Course: 29 September 2018

Next month on Saturday, September 29th, we at Palmers Green Mosque will be holding a free lifesavers event, a course about CPR.

If you went home today and someone collapsed, would you know what to do? This course will teach you WHAT to do and HOW to do CPR, as well as other skills.

This 2-hour course is being run by the British Islamic Medical Association, across the country in 65 mosques at the same time on the same day. We are delighted to be one of the mosques involved to give you, our community the chance to attend this course. A similar course can cost nearly £100 in some areas but it is being offered for FREE here next month to those who want to attend.

It will be run by a team of paramedics, GPs, hospital doctors and surgeons, who on the day will teach you lifesaving skills. This event is endorsed by the British heart foundation and attendance certificates are also provided.

The course is FREE BUT PLACES ARE LIMITED. It is for both men and women, preferably those over 16.

Please either sign up on Eventbrite or complete a form from the front desk if you are interested.

The course is on Saturday, Sept 29th at 2 pm after Zuhr Salah.

We look forward to seeing you there inshallah.

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