Monthly Lecture: Real Happiness – February 23 after Maghrib

What do you know about happiness? How do you become really happy? What does Islam say about achieving real happiness?

Come and learn from Shaykh Abu Bilal Sanel.

Abu Bilal Sanel Abdurrahman graduated from the Islamic University of Madinah (K.S.A.) and received a bachelor in Islamic Shariah, 1428 (2007). During his seven years stay in Al-Madinah Abu Bilal attended various lectures and lessons in the Prophets mosque as well as privately. He has a general ijaza (accreditation) in some of the major hadith and fiqh books. Currently he is a Islamic Education and Arabic teacher at Olive Tree School in Lewisham (London, UK). He is also a part time khateeb and lecturer in different mosques (mainly in Switzerland and the UK).

ALL are welcome and refreshments will be provided.

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