Yemen Not Forgotten: A review

Yemen Not Forgotten: A Review

In the midst of a civil war with no signs of a ceasefire, the people of Yemen are silently suffering as remote villages are unable to retrieve water with ease. On the 7th December, Palmers Green Mosque and Muslim Aid raised a staggering £96,000 pounds to finance a water harvesting scheme that will sustainably cater to their long term development – Alhamdullilah! They no longer want survival packs. They want to be able to stand on their own two feet and support their families, being free from the label of a ‘refugee’.

The money will help local communities including families as well as farmers to collect rainwater by storing it in a reservoir. Additional water filtration units will also be distributed. Insha’Allah a clean water source will be available so the number of water-borne diseases like cholera would decrease and also will aid local farmers to create a better harvest, which will Insha’Allah generate a flow of income for the residents too. 

Alhamdulillah, we had amazing entertainment including; Omar Esa, a talented nasheed artist that made the whole hall sing in harmony and Fatiha Al-Ghorri, a hilarious comedian who made people laugh from all ages. And finally, our host, Brother Ajmal Masroor, who emotionally engaged the audience throughout, taking us on a journey of hardships the people of Yemen face on a daily basis.

To show our appreciation and fulfil our aim to reach £100,000, on the 21st of December we are inviting Hazza Al-Balushi to lead Isha prayer, which Insha’Allah will be a treat! More details will be posted soon. 

We appreciate every penny donated leading up to the evening and are forever grateful for the love and support shown. May Allah SWT bless your wealth and may He shower his blessings upon us all. Ameen. 

Article Contributed by Hana Shaikh

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