Coronavirus Update: Saturday School and GreenStars postponed until further notice

We continue to go about our normal business as much as we can in these adverse circumstances, the priority being to keep all attending the Masjid safe.

All areas around the Masjid are already cleaned regularly and our notices on what rules to follow to minimise the spread of the virus are displayed around the building. You can also see these rules here.

  1. Although the government has decided to keep schools open for the moment, we have a community who are of mixed age groups and some groups are vulnerable from a health perspective. From a religious perspective we are following several principles, firstly primary principle of Islam is that “preventing harm takes precedent over the acquisition of benefits.” And this is even if the benefit is knowledge. Further The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: لا يُورَدُ مُمْرِضٌ على مُصِحٍّ (A sick person should not mix with a healthy one.)
  2. Any parent/carer and pupil travelling abroad during the Spring Break holidays are asked to let us know so we can monitor any potential impact of the travel on the risk of infection during the coming month of Ramadan.
  3. Today’s Jumma Khutbah also emphasised how we should be leading society as a whole by setting a good example. That example of being cautious and trying the reduce the likelihood of vulnerable members of our community becoming ill unnecessarily.

So for the benefit of the community as a whole, we are taking the difficult decision to close the Saturday School and GreenStars Youth Club for the timebeing.

We will provide updates as the situation progresses most likely through updates every Friday Evening. We will try to schedule extra classes to make up for lost time. Please continue to monitor your email for future updates.

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