Ramadan Kareem 2020: First day of fasting Friday 24th April 2020

Alhamdulillah the blessed month of Ramadan is with us again with the first of Ramadan being Friday 24th April 2020.

We really miss our community’s presence and not being able to physically host the regular prayers, iftar, lectures and tarawih prayers whilst our doors are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please be assured we are monitoring the situation regularly and will strive to resume normal activities at the earliest opportunity when it is safe to do so. We pray that Allah (SWT) blesses our ummah and country to overcome this testing time.
The lockdown brings about a unique opportunity for us all to spend quality time and bond together with our families and make the most of fasting and praying at home.

This year’s timetable is available for download here.


We continue to collect for the sustainable distribution to the poor and needy. Furthermore, we rely on your generous donations for the running expenditure of our mosque & community centre. During the Covid-19 restrictions our preferred means of receiving donation is by online bank transfers.

Sadaqah, Zakat, Fitra, Fidya or Kaffara

This blessed month is the best for getting the most reward for your sadaqa and other good deeds.

Accnt Name: MCEC | Sort code: 30-99-86 | Accnt No: 01198920 Please use reference ‘Sadaqah’, ‘Zakat’, ‘Fitra’ (£5 / person) or ‘Fidya’ or ‘Kaffara’ (£5 per day per person)

Please give your Fitra as early as possible so we can distribute it quickly to the poor and needy before Eid-ul-Fitr.

Mosque & Centre Donations

The Masjid is still running its services online such as education and other services at this critical time, i.e. counselling, funerals. We always need your donations to keep the services running and to be ready for when lockdown restrictions are relaxed.

Accnt Name: MCEC | Sort code: 30-99-86 | Accnt No: 00663646
Please use reference ‘Mosque’

If you are unable to make online payments, one member of your household may visit the mosque by appointment only between 5 – 7pm. Please call our reception on 020 8920 3990 for an appointment. Social distancing rules will be applicable.

Online and Remote Access to Masjid Services

This year due to the Covid-19 lockdown there are no Tarawih Prayers and obviously the Mosque is closed for 5 daily prayers as well. Whilst we are in the midst of an unprecedented time, where a national lockdown coincides with one of the holiest times of the year for our Muslim community, we are doing our best to keep our congregation spiritually engaged and connected with our mosque via a schedule of online and remote resources. Please also read this guidance on Tarawih prayers in such situations.

We hope you can make the most of the online and remote services; new content will be uploaded regularly throughout the month and we have an extensive catalogue of past lectures, sermons and recitations available for your use. We welcome any feedback on how to improve and build upon this service.

Social Media Links

We are pleased to announce the following programme of activities and services during this blessed month of Ramadan.

Lastly let us all use this blessed month to reconnect with the Creator and the essence of our deen. Let’s maximise on its benefits and pray we can all see our loved ones in the masjid as soon as possible.

Ramadan Kareem!

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